"Changing Lives, Impacting Lives, Fulfilling Destiny"

Committed to prepare competent and compassionate leaders in the areas of science, engineering, arts and social sciences in a well designed and quality learning environment

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Greenland Technical University is created based on Chapter 388 of Companies Act of the Laws of Zambia and Registered under Business Names Act of 2011 of the Laws of Zambia in regards to University Act Chapter 136 of the Laws of Zambia.

Who we are

An English medium Higher Learning Institution for research, based in Southern Africa, in Zambia.

Our Vision: To have a built human capacity developed community, skilled financially youth, businessmen and women and to rise entrepreneurs in the society.

Our Mission: To passionately empower people in our community, through our awesome rewarding educational programmes and through entrepreneural aids for gaining financial freedom in the society.


The institution was set up with the sole purpose of providing Professional, Quality and Reliable education services to students around the globe.

Greenland Technical University [GTUZambia] is committed to open life-changing opportunities for almost every individual through quality education.

Our Aims:

To provide to the rural & urban youth the educational opportunities that emphasize skills & knowledge that will allow the student to adjust through a lifetime of social and technological change.

We recognize that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual’s sense of worth, value and high ethical standards.

The University aims to offer empowerments through quality education to its students and to assist them in discovering their leadership qualities and to fulfill their educational goals.

We aim to promote sustainable knowledge, environment, and human capital and cultivate sustainability to make the university green and infuence green environment everywhere in the society. We believe good humor in the work place makes the environment lively and benefit the stakeholders to be green. Healthy humor promotes team bonding and increases our productivity and creativity as well as building a community working for sustainable professional enrichment.

Our Core Values

Freedom: We value people’s voice, ideas, free speech, tolerance, debate and challenge. In an era of austerity, society needs institutions where people are free to speak out, where challenge is regarded as a fundamental value of the institution. We nurture a culture of freedom transparency, openness and inclusiveness in all our activities to produce acceptable outcome.

Team Spirit: We value a sense of ownership among the faculty members, students and others staffs to enhance their retention in the University for long period of time. We strive to integrate academic reflection and direct experience in the classroom and the community, especially to understand and improve the lives of those with the least education, power and wealth.

Honesty and Integrity: Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of all successful interactions and relationships of our university. We represent ourselves truthfully, unconditionally, impartially, and completely.

Academic Excellence: We value an uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching, research, learning, creativity, and scholarship within and across disciplines i.e. quality services to the society.

Our Commitment:  To prepare competent and compassionate leaders in the areas of social science, engineering, arts and natural sciences in a well designed and quality learning environment and equipping graduates to achieve the highest personal and professional standards for significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Zambia and the world.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are updated continuously by an independent academic council consisting of scholars from renowned academic institutions of the country and are based on curricula International Standards. 

It established collaboration with named universities where university students will do internships at the GT University.
The University hopes to build a reputation for its educational program.

Distinguishable features

Greenland Technical University Zambia (GTUZambia) is growing gradually upholding the spirits of its oath “Changing Lives, Impacting Lives, Fulfilling Destiny” in order to contribute to the progress of the business and technological fields in Zambia.

The University strives very hard in exposing students to Standard Technological Development enabling them to achieve high.  GT University brand eventually conveys the following five strategic values:

 Excellence in well-rounded education
 Focus on quality and relevance
 Educational accessibility to poor students
 Excellent learning and teaching environment
 Educational outreach & empowerment
Thus, Changing Lives, Impacting lives and Fulfilling Destiny!

Efficient Learning Environment & Management

GTUZambia is a completely disciplined educational environment. It is free from politics, smoking, drug, copying, eve teasing and other subversive acts and ethics.

Institution Structure

Greenland Technical University-Zambia Management (Board of Administration) include the following:

    i.     President or the Board of Directors
    ii.   The Vice-Chancellor
    iii.  The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    iv.  Monitoring and Evaluating Committee
    v.   The Deans and Directors
    vi.  The Head of Departments
    vii. The General members of Staffs

Friendly Learning Environment

GT University makes sure that the premises under which it is accommodated is and will always be properly outfitted with proper plumbing and wiring as well as clean running water and conveniences. Inviting premises in the future will be maintained through proper landscaping and cleanliness as the university is still constructing its own premises. Management always ensure that the facility is properly suitable and in full compliance with all applicable HEA and state regulations governing the operation of an educational institution.

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Office is a Unit under the Registrar’s Department. The Unit provides administrative support to academic affairs. It is responsible for undergraduate academic affairs with regard to advertising programmes on offer each academic year, admission of candidates to the various programmes, registration of students, the conduct of examinations and graduation ceremonies. The Academic Affairs office is the secretariat of the College Senate and is therefore, the custodian of academic policies passed by Senate. The Unit is also the custodian of all Students’ records


Accreditations /Affiliations & Partnerships

The University is awaiting approval with the Higher Education Authority (HEA). It follows the HEA and the Zambian Constitution as it pertains to the management of the University. 

GTUZambia is working in affiliations with the following universities and colleges:

1. Southern University (Zambian)
2. Victoria Fall University of Technology (Zambian)
3. Richfield Graduate Insitiute of Technology (South African)
4. Stone Zambezi College of Education (Zambian)

The University also do the exchange of students from different recognized Universities and Colleges around the the world. 



Physical Address

Musi-Oa-Tunya House, New Wing
Plot No. 4554, Town Centre,
Off Musi-Oa-Tunya Road,
Livingstone, Zambia.


Email  : [email protected]
Phone 1   :       +260 978 016955
            2  :       +260 967 633401
            3  :       +260 955 544819

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