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The purpose of the Diploma in Information Technology is to provide students with a wide spectrum of study covering the breadth of Information Technology. The diploma has been structured in such a way as to allow students to choose in one of three possible areas within the IT industry. The curriculum has been designed with specific outcomes in mind and is aimed at developing both generic and specific vocational skills required within each elective area.



    Program Outline

The Diploma in Information Technology offers three Specializations viz Information Technology, Networks Engineering & Systems Development. The three year programme in Information Technology is designed to provide students with the technical, vocational & professional skills and knowledge to be effective practioneers in various IT-related roles within businesses, government and community organizations. Students will learn how to determine client business expectations, needs, and how to automate business processes. Various approaches to systems development will be explored. On completion of this programme, students will also develop a broad understanding of the current use of IT in organizations. This includes the usage of IT for increased organizational productivity. Students will also develop the ability to understand various types of IT communications in organizations. The programme affords students a work related opportunity. In addition, students have a work intergrated or project learning opportunity which will engage their computing skills in Information Systems, e-Commerce, Business Analysis, Programming, Database and Network Administration in an intergrated manner.

     Program: Diploma in Information Technology (Dip IT)

Year One Semester Course

Diploma in Information Technology (Dip IT)
Software development 500
Information Systems 511
Web Technology 511
Programming 511
E-Commerce 511
Networks 511
Year One Semester Course

Diploma in Information Technology (Dip IT)
Information Systems 512
Programming 512
Web Technology 512
Neworks Engineering 512
E-Commerce 512
Business Communication 500
Year Two Semester Course

Diploma in Information Technology (Dip IT)
IT Project Management 600
Programming 621
Programming 621
Database Systems 621
Networks 621
Quantitative Techniques 600
Two Semester Course

Diploma in Information Technology (Dip IT)
IT Group Project 600
Programming 622
Programming 622
Database Systems 622
Networks 622
Work Integrated Learning 600

This is a two years duration Programme, four Years maximum,for queries contact us at: [email protected]